MacDonald of Keppoch/Mac Mhic Raounill - Review
Chief of Clanranold of Lochaber

Six Millennia
The History of the Gael
The Irish and Scots Highlanders

Author : Robert Bruce MacColla MacNial MacIntyre
pp. 204
Hardback full glossy colour
MacDonald of Keppoch/Mac Mhic Raounill

Have thoroughly enjoyed reading such a well written, well researched historic account of the story of the origin of the race of the Gael and thus the Scot. I remain deeply moved by the depth of sincerity of
belief of the author in his work. That he is a Gael with a difference. There can be no mistake!

To tackle such a project without some uncanny insight into the real origin of the Gael, defies explanation by normal standards. And to compress such detailed History into 204 pages staggers belief.

As one who has naturally researched my Gaelic roots over a period of some 45 years, and my Native Gaelic speaking fathers before me, I recognize most if not all of the facts quoted within the explicit text. With few exceptions, I give his work first class merit in clearly present phraseology and clarity of meaning. With certain reservations, I personally recommend it as a foundation for all those serious students of the Gael seeking a special and vary rare insight into the truth of our past, our ancestors, and the Royal Blood Line of the Gael.

Such a book is long overdue. I predict that it will effectively counter most of the Gaelic/Celtic
antagonism that has passed for Scottish history ever since the Norman Invasion in c1066. I warmly welcome it on our Library Shelves!

Ranald Alasdair MacDonald of Keppoch
Chief of the Honourable Clan Ranald of Lochaber
Mac Mhic Raonuill

Dun Eideann
20 March 2006




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