Six Millennia

Try to imagine six thousand years of ancient Celtic Historians come back to life just to breathe out the living word of their history upon you and you’ll begin to understand what is in store for a reader of SIX MILLENNIA.  It has been well over 1,000 years since any history book even remotely approaching this one has been widely seen or heard in the World.

Set down in writing in one of the old Celtic memory styles you are sure to find it both amazing and enlightening, and quite unlike any modern retelling of Irish, Scottish, or any other race’s history with which you are familiar.  Long known as “The Greatest Treasure of The Gael Race” a thorough read will finally teach you the truth behind the saying “The Blood is Strong”.

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If your ancestors hail from Ireland, “The Isle of Destiny”, The Highlands of Scotland, or the Hebrides, this is the one history book you NEED to own, as it is the true and complete history of your most ancient race.  SIX MILLENNIA relates the history of the descendants of Rifath Scot, now long known as The Gael, from the long hidden Lebhor Cued Toisech, The Book of First Beginnings, and its counterpart, Lebhor Gabala Eirinn, The Book of The Taking of Ireland, up to the fall of Somerled in 1164 AD and the six year later invasion of Ireland in 1170AD, it covers 5,170 years of the history of the Gael as kept and passed among the Gael Royal Line and its ruling Clan.

If your ancestors hail from; Connaught, Ulster, or Meath, or if your Clan is descended from any of the Ard Righ’s or High Kings of Eirinn, if you are descended from  any of the branches of the Ui Neill, or any branches of the great Clan O’Neill, this is your History.  If your Clan is Highland or is one of the 26 Clans descended from Somerled The Mighty, King of Argyll and The Isles, this is your History.  If your ancestors have Dal Riadic roots or descend from any of the Gael Blooded King of Scots, this is your history.  A brief sampling of some of the many subjects covered within SIX MILLENNIA along with eleven hands drawn maps and original illustrations are:

* The ancient origins of The Gael         * The Milesians – The sons of The Mil
* Conn of The Hundred Battles           * Cormac MacArt – Greatest Gael High King
* Nial of The Nine Hostages             * The Kingdom of Dal Riada
* The Founding of The Kingdom of Oriel    * The complete story of St. Columba
* The Kingdom of Argyll & The Isles       * The Kingdom of Mann
* The rise of feudalism in Scotland        * Somerled The Mighty
* The fall of Ulster and the Red Branch     * The Vikings effect upon the Celtic World

Along with, the key event that precursed and allowed the 1170 fall of Eirinn to the Norman-English.

If Gael’s Blood runs within your veins, if your blood boils and your flesh crawls at the skirl of the Pipes, this is your history.  It is the living history of the Gael race forever intertwined with the ancient history of both Eirinn and Scotland, presented in the ancient manner, without one whit of Greco-Roman or English perspective.  Fast paced and far easier to read than most modern books of history SIX MILLENNIA promises to shed some very old light upon the ancient and mysterious race of The Gael.


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About the Author

R.B.M.M. MacIntyre, Seannachie, BA, CDIA, FSA SCOT was raised in San Jose, California and attended O.B.U. in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He is the latest in a very long line of ancient Gael Seannachies (Historians) and is also a Fellow in good standing of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.  Bruce lives in the Tulsa Oklahoma metropolitan area with his wife of 26 years, and has three children.  He is a longtime member of Clan MacIntyre Association, and S.C.O.T., the Scottish Club of Tulsa.  Bruce served six years in the 1990’s as Director of Advertising & Marketing on the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Scottish Games & Gathering, now DBA as Oklahoma Scottish Festival, and is currently Chairman & CEO of this 501 C3, Not For Profit. He is also a two-time, past President, of the Scottish Club of Tulsa, and honorary Lifetime Member of this same organization.  Bruce has taught S.C.O.T.’s Scottish History Series for over 10 years.

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